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The state of Ohio has broadened its legal recognition of those crimes deemed of a violent nature. If you or your loved one has been accused of a violent crime, you need the best criminal attorney to navigate the increasingly dense and complicated laws. Contact the law office of the Cincinnati criminal attorney to discuss your case.

The state of Ohio recognizes the following as violent crimes:

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Many clients are dismayed to find that they are being charged with a violent crime, as the state of Ohio does have mandatory minimums laws for such offenses. However, the punishment for a specific violent crime will vary depending upon the degree of violence, the details of the crime that occurred, and the criminal history of the offender. An assault charge given for a simple fight at a party for instance will probably not result in anymore than some community service and a fine. But a more serious offense that results in a severe injury or property damage will be merit more punishment.

The key to the defense of such clients is to attack the validity of such charges. A lack of evidence or circumstantial evidence can be refuted in a court of law. In other cases, plea bargains can be entered to satisfy the prosecution’s hunger for a guilty verdict, while minimizing the impact of the punishment for a client.

No matter the specific charge you are facing, the Cincinnati criminal attorney team can help. Contact our firm today for an immediate consultation.