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Cincinnati Probation Violations Attorney

Probation violations are a full-proof way to wind up on the inside of a jail cell. If you or your loved one is facing legal action for a probation violation, contact the Cincinnati criminal attorney today.

A violation of probation could be any one of the following acts:

Our Cincinnati Criminal Lawyer Can Help

A violation of probation does not necessarily indicate that a client is involved in criminal activity. A client could have missed a meeting with an officer because of a family obligation or due to illness. A venue for community service could have reported that a client failed to complete all of their assigned hours, when in reality it could have just been a clerical error.

In many probation violations cases, a client has not been able to pay all of their fines and court fees by the assigned date. In any of these instances, being held in contempt of court is not a good place to be.

Even if a client did commit a crime while on probation, the Cincinnati criminal attorney can help. Our legal defense team has many years of combined experience negotiating for minimal jail time and sometimes jail alternatives. In some cases, a judge is willing to grant an extension of probation with stricter sentencing after hearing a strong defense from a skilled criminal lawyer.

If you or your loved one has violated their probation, avoid going to jail by calling the Cincinnati criminal attorney today.