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While all citizens have the right to bear arms under the United States Constitution, the state of Ohio has enacted certain gun restrictions to keep the public safe. These laws can often be confusing though, and if you or your loved one is facing a weapons charge, contact the law office of the Cincinnati criminal attorney today.

Our criminal defense firm can handle any weapons case including but not limited to:

Our Cincinnati Criminal Lawyer is Highly Knowledgeable

If you wish to carry a concealed weapon, you must file an application for a “conceal and carry” license. However even those clients with conceal and carry licenses sometimes find themselves in trouble with the law. In these instances, the Cincinnati criminal attorney will fight to protect your rights and any efforts on the part of the prosecution to turn you, a law-abiding citizen, into a criminal.

The presence of a weapon during a crime is considered an enhanceable offense, meaning that mandatory jail time will be added onto the punishment upon conviction. If this is your case, the Cincinnati criminal attorney will investigate every aspect of your case to possibly get the weapon dismissed as evidence. Our legal team will also investigate to ensure that a client’s civil rights were not violated by law enforcement. Remember that even criminal offenders have rights, and you have the right to be protected against unlawful search and seizure.

If you are facing a weapons charge in the Cincinnati area, contact the Cincinnati criminal attorney today for an immediate consultation.