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The state of Ohio considers robbery to be a felony offense. If you have been arrested for robbery in the Cincinnati area, contact the law offices of the Cincinnati criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Ohio state law has defined robbery as any act of theft paired with an act of assault. Remember that legally, an act of assault does not have to be physical. Since robbery is considered a violent crime, it will be prosecuted as such. Most prosecutors show no mercy in their sentencing recommendations and will push for offenders to receive the maximum penalties allowed by the law.

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Most robbery trials come down to evidence and witness testimony, as the prosecution must prove the offender’s intent. Evidence and witness testimony can be problematic in that they can be completely inaccurate. Witnesses especially can make testify to having seen things that never actually occurred, or giving a false testimony about details they don’t remember correctly.

The presence of a weapon will increase a robbery charge to an aggravated robbery charge. A conviction for aggravated robbery will probably be paired with a weapons charge and will result in a mandatory prison sentence.

The Cincinnati criminal attorney has many years of experience with robbery cases. Our legal team will evaluate all of the evidence in a case to achieve the best sentence possible for a client. Remember that as a defendant, you or your loved one has rights.

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