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A parole violation is one act most certain to land you back in prison…if you do not have a good lawyer by your side. If you or your loved one is facing a parole violation in the Cincinnati area, contact the Cincinnati criminal attorney today.

A violation of parole could be anything from committing another crime to failing to meet with your parole officer. Despite any “good reason” for violating the terms of your parole, the parole board is less than likely to let you go without having heard a strong defense.

The state of Ohio has recently enacted a matrix system for parole offenders. This system gives some leeway to certain parole offenders by allowing multiple sanctions referred to as "unit-level sanctions" before parole is officially revoked. These possible sanctions include more restrictive conditions on parole such as:

Our Criminal Attorney Will Seek to Maintain Your Freedom

This matrix system has been designed to be the step that precedes a parole hearing. The Ohio matrix gives offenders one more shot at proving they can make it on the outside before going to back to prison.

In the event that a client has exhausted their matrix options and a parole hearing is called, the Cincinnati criminal attorney will do all that he can to minimize the amount of prison time given.

At the firm of the Cincinnati criminal defense attorney, we believe in fighting aggressively on behalf of our clients no matter the specifics of their case. We will fight for the fairest and shortest prison sentence possible.

If you or your loved one has violated their parole, contact us today for an immediate consultation.