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Cincinnati Juvenile Crime Lawyer

Has your child been accused of a crime?  At the law office of the Cincinnati criminal attorney, we understand that a phone call from the local police station can be one of the most jarring and overwhelming experiences a parent can ever have.  If your child has found him or herself in a bit of legal trouble, we can help.

Juvenile crimes occur across all criminal categories, while some crimes are considered criminal solely because of the juvenile’s age.  We can defend any case of juvenile criminal behavior such as underage drinking or driving, shoplifting, vandalism, arson, violent crimes, and more.

The good news is that the majority of juvenile crimes fall under the jurisdiction of the juvenile justice system.  However, a case in these courts could be transferred to adult court if the crime was extremely violent or the juvenile has an extensive criminal history.

The Cincinnati criminal attorney’s goal in each juvenile case is to avoid any type of jail time and get the juvenile released to his or her parents.  Jail alternatives such as probation, community service, and education classes can be offered to a juvenile in lieu of incarceration.

In the state of Ohio, some juveniles are sentenced to time served in jail alternative facilities such as drug treatment centers.  It is also possible for juvenile clients to be confined to their homes for the same amount of time they would serve in a treatment center.

No matter the type of charge a juvenile client is facing, the Cincinnati criminal attorney will be right by your child’s side.  You can rest assured that your child’s future will be in good hands as the Cincinnati criminal attorney has successfully negotiated many juvenile criminal cases over the years.

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