Cincinnati Criminal Attorney

Cincinnati Traffic Violations Attorney

While most traffic violations are not criminal, they can be treated as such. Even a speeding ticket could land you in jail, provided that it meets certain requirements. If you are facing a traffic ticket in the Cincinnati area, contact the Cincinnati criminal attorney today.

When most people receive a traffic ticket, they pay the fine and go about their business. While this is the path to least resistance, you should always challenge each and every ticket you receive. Remember that each traffic infraction is recorded on your record and can result in higher car insurance rates or even the loss of your driver’s license if the DMV considers you to be a hazard on the road.

The state of Ohio has a law that defines “predicate motor vehicle offenses.” This law outlines which traffic violations will result in higher fines and possible jail time if repeated within a 12-month period. The first predicate motor vehicle offense will be charged as a misdemeanor, and any following offenses will be charged as misdemeanors in higher degrees. There are exactly 72 predicate motor offenses that include:

Speeding tickets are especially costly in the state of Ohio. A first-time speeding ticket in a school zone or a business area will cost you a maximum of $250 and 30 days in jail. That’s a high price to pay for one singular offense.

If you are facing such high stakes for a traffic violation, contact the Cincinnati criminal attorney today.