Cincinnati Criminal Attorney

Cincinnati Trespassing Defense Lawyer

Criminal trespassing is a crime that involves stepping onto private or publicly owned property without permission.  It isn’t vandalism or burglary, though a criminal trespassing case can snowball into more if you are accused of committing an additional crime.

Most trespassing cases are charged as misdemeanor offenses, but if the damage is monetarily extensive, or if the offender has a criminal history, the case can be handled as a felony.

The common denominator in any successful criminal case is a good lawyer. Our Cincinnati criminal lawyer aggressively uncovers any violations of our clients’ civil liberties and any act of police misconduct. You have the right to be protected against unlawful search and seizure or any other act that will result in an unfair criminal proceeding.

It is in every client’s best interest to appoint a lawyer immediately after they are arrested, or during an investigation wherever possible. The quicker we begin your case is the sooner we can fight the prosecution’s tactics.

Most misdemeanor crimes may not result in more than a fine or a little community service. But more serious crimes such as high value theft offenses or violent crimes will more than likely be charged as a felony and could result in time in state prison.

No matter what type of crime you are facing, appoint the best criminal attorney in the area to represent your case. Contact a Cincinnati criminal lawyer from our firm for an immediate consultation regarding your criminal case.