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Embezzlement is a type of fraud committed by an employee in the context of their employer. It is considered a theft crime and will be prosecuted as such. If you have been accused of embezzlement, contact the law office of the Cincinnati criminal attorney as soon as possible.

An act of embezzlement could be the charging of unlawful expenses onto a business account; since the charges weren’t authorized, they could qualify for legal ramifications. Most embezzlement cases are solved by the employer out of court; but those that do make it to trial usually have to do with an employee taking official funds slowly over a period of time, or in one large lump sum.

The state of Ohio uses the following rubric to punish embezzlement cases for funds valuing:

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The biggest mistake clients make in embezzlement case is attempting to fix whatever they have done and clear their own names without the help of an attorney. The more actions you take following a crime, the more evidence you provide for the prosecution to convict you. If you believe that you may have accidentally committed the crime of embezzlement, speak to the Cincinnati criminal attorney before doing anything else.

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